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Bring it back EPP confusion


Good morning 


 So I switched my plan from a regular consumer plan to EPP a couple of weeks ago which means I hate to cancel what was left in my current plan- only a couple of months. I was told don't worry just bring back your current iPhone 13 to retail and they will get it all worked out... Did so and got a nice shiny Iphone 15 and just got my first bill. No mention anywhere that i RETURNED my phone, I do however have a bill as if I kept the phone (Which again, I didn't) 


Did you receive any sort of receipt that lists you traded in/returned a device from the store?

yeah on my receipt it has a trade-in value 

Then it just might be a delay in the trade-in hitting your bill. If you did the trade-in close to when your billing cycle ended for the month. It might not reflect the changes until the following bill. You definitely want to reach out to Customer Care to make sure though.

Turns out they just put it through as a trade in toward the iPhone 15. So it;s 5 bucks a month  but don't worry I still get to pay the 350 bring it back balance