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Be Aware : Wifi Calling CANNOT be prioritized.


So, even in 2023, I need to return my S23 Ultra because Telus disable the Wifi calling priority . 

Instead I have only the option to prioritize the mobile network. 

I live in Montreal and Telus has 0 coverage in my area. And the moment I get near a window, the cellphone signal pickup and kickme out of the Wifi Calling. So calls stops, and won't reconnect automatically on Wifi Calling ! 

I spoke with 3 tech, and one of them the call cut because of this !


Only option : toggle airplane mode, Sure on a 1900$ cell phone and on a complete plan. 

The tech told me : this is to unload our server .  OK, but it makes the whole wifi calling idea useless.


Look, I'm a dataceter designer (MEP) and Quebec electricity cost is so low that you can afford more servers, call me, I'll hook you up. 




UPDATE of the day 

BTW to let you know, airplane mode does NOT work , here why : 


  • go put the trash out, few meters from my home, airplane mode, get back in the house, wifi calling WON’T reconnect automatically , missed a call. 
  • get the kid from school, forgot to toggle back off airplane mode, : missed a client call. 

This is bs, ‘’ we we have wifi calling, but the way we implement it defeat the whole purpose’’ 

welcome in the future - with a 1900$ device

Community Power User
Community Power User

Wifi calling priority is an Android feature and has nothing to do with Telus.


This may be useful:


How to Set Wi-Fi Network Priority on Android (

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


Engineer from Telus confirm this , and do a simple google search.


To prove my point I took time to stop a Videotron shop and the option ''magically appeared'' on my Telus phone by a simple SIM swap . 


Screenshot_20230215_111934_Wi-Fi Calling.jpgScreenshot_20230215_111941_Wi-Fi Calling.jpg