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Adding a person to my plan


I have an account that i dont use all of the data on every month. Is there a way to add another person to this plan so they get access to the data i am not using? If so, how much extra does it cost and are they required to use a telus phone?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @SGB - If you add a secondary phone, they would need their own plan so depending on which you pick you would essentially be adding more to your data pool so I don't suggest adding too much data.


What you can also do is add a connected device like a smartwatch or a tablet to use this data

What we did was transfer my Telus mobility account to my wife's account. We now are a family plan sharing the data on both mobility numbers and getting a family plan discount. We did via phone but I'm sure you can do it at a Telus store. Both mobility account holders will need to be present as verification and permission need to be agreed upon.