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A need for clarity with representatives.

Just Moved In
I'm starting to seriously regret my decision to switch from Rogers to Telus and it's a combination of customer service and network coverage. First off, I was horribly mislead when I got my services back in December, I got a Pixel 8Pro with a pixel watch 2. The sales rep assured me repeatedly that there would be no activation fees on either line, yet both were charged $60, I was told, after explicitly asking, that my watch could share the 100GB that came with my plan, (it cannot) so I'm paying for a $10/1GB additional line that I have to keep the data turned off on so it doesn't rack up insane overage. And the final but I'd misinformation is in regards to hotspot tethering, which is apparently disabled on my plan, that's was not conveyed at the time of purchase, even though I clearly stated that the data amount would be perfect as I tethered all the time on my Rogers plan for work.
Couple these dishonest practices with the fact that the coverage in my city (just outside Toronto with ~200k people, so not the middle of nowhere) is spotty at best, and I can honestly say I would not at this point recommend anything from Telus and will even actively direct people to take their business elsewhere.

It's bad enough trying to speak to anyone there, 4 times I've tried to call and have yet to actually speak to anyone, which I guess could be a plus, as apparently Telus charges a fee for some services when you speak to a rep. Is telling customers anything in order to get the sale just common practice for your reps?

Are you still within the buyers remorse period? If not, you can always reach out to Telus Support on Twitter by sending them a DM.

You can also send a message regarding your issue to the Telus Management Team, which will get back to you when they have a chance to review your concern.

The radio/modem in the Pixel 8 Pro is pretty decent, even when using band 66/n66.