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transfer physical sim to e sim from older iPhone

Just Moved In

I have just received a new iphone 15 and am trting to set up the sim. 

I am upgrading from an iphone 7 that is only running ios15, so I am unable to do a quick transfer. Do I need to get a QR code for e sim activation? Obviously, the physical sim does not fit either. 





The iPhone 7 and 15 should both support nano SIM cards unless it is the US variant of the iPhone 15 so the physical sim should fit fine.


If wanting to switch to eSIM the easiest way is once have the physical SIM in the phone and gone through the initial activation process go into settings and then select cellular and should be an option to Convert to eSIM. Once select that number should be on the e-sim and if want can remove the physical sim from your device.