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Just Moved In

can you combine two phones into one plan?  We have two plans on one account.. (each phone) but rarely come close to using all our data.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Moved this post to the Mobility section, assuming you're referring to your cellphones as you mentioned data. As for your question, there are no share plans available anymore but you can always reach out to our Mobility team to look into lowering your current plans to get closer to the data allotment you think you'll use.


Depending on the province you live in.  The options might vary.  If you are happy with Telus, it can't hurt to look at what other carriers have to offer and then take that knowledge and ask to speak to loyalty to see if Telus can find you something closer to what you need.  Personally, I have no carrier loyalty so the carrier that treats me and my account the best and offers me the best deals gets my business.