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So I lost or my phone got stolen and is no where to be found and must not of had tracking on. I thought I did but my device is offline when I go to look on the Icloud find my device. I've called and asked everywhere it could be as well. Im on a bring it back plan and didn't purchase the coverage for lost or stolen phone. In saying this what will I have to pay back in order to get a new phone with Telus? Both the easy payment and bring it back balance?



I always thought that you were required to have the insurance on the device for this very reason.  How far were you into the Bring It Back term?  You might be able to ju8st pay the buy out fee at the end of it and get a new device.  Customer Care would be able to tell you exactly what you would need to pay.  


You would have to pay back the existing financing balance, the Bring it Back balance as well as any device credit remaining if there is one.