internal memory of torch 9860


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Hi, I'm using torch 9860 and want to get the right specification about internal memory of this device.
At my country internal memory is written 4GB
At this site written 8GB
And while I bought this device write just only 2,5GB
So,,,the right spec is?

Out of the box the internal memory is 4GB. Best thing to do with that device is make use of external memory if possible. Try to save files, pictures, etc on a microSD card rather than internally.

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Hi...Thanks for answer.
Saving files into microSD card except the songs, pictures, videos,
I having problem with RIM protection files format.
For example : download file name ABCD.Zip
At microSD become : - this file can't open on Pc !
I have try to edit and delete RIM extension still doesn't work.
Best thing I can do til the file can be open is : Cut and paste on Internal memory then move on Pc.
Maybe you can help me, how to disable RIM protection format at microSD card ?
Thanks for next answer.