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emui 11 p40 pro


Wonderiing when to expect emui 11, telus website says DEC 16, today is the 19 any word on this.



According to Huawei's update schedule page it's "pushing in batches" so on its way, when it'll actually land is anyone's guess...


As a side note... When I was waiting on EMUI 10 for P20 & P20 Pro it took like 2+ months to arrive on my devices after it began being pushed in Canada and it showed up on Telus update schedule page. Another revelation was that Huawei had their mitts in it until the end, in other words they were in control not Telus. Doubting much as changed since then so "expect the worst and hope for the best"  but maybe you'll be more fortunate than I was.


...and still waiting @yyc  (Dec.27), thanks for asking as it saved me some typing!

According to Huawei's EMUI 11 Update Plan it's been "delivered to all user" in the Canadian Open Market (unlocked variants). So either Telus is holding it up or Huawei still has their mitts in this and are the one's causing the delay...


May just play out similarly as it did when waiting on EMUI 10 to land on my P20 & P20 Pro...

- Telus announce a date that came and gone

- They announce another date several weeks later

- several days or weeks (forgot which) after that we got our update

... so ended up arriving pretty much 2-months after first date Telus had posted on their update schedule page. Hopefully that's not how it ends up playing out here but wouldn't at all surprise me.

Some services for the p40 pro were removed for Canadian markets because of security issues, wondering if they are doing the same on this one, had to get firmware from another site to get to work, might just have to flash when it comes out again for this model

I'd be a wee bit leery flashing a new firmware not intended for our market especially on a Huawei, bricking device, not being able to update further or use intended firmware. Sound like, so far, you went unscathed.

Installed gms services with no issues, so far the only update is, just have to wait and see in the next month or so if any thing comes down.

Will follow up this thread to get updates on where everyone is at. 

Well it's been almost 3 months and still nothing, the world will be on emui 13 and we will be stuck on 10.7, it must be really scaled down version for us, just read 100 million running emui11, but we're not part of it.

Considering Huawei just released the final stable versions for the International P30 just last week, it's not surprising it's still slow to the P40. Those '100 million users' quoted by GizmoChina are just for Chinese and European users, they didn't open it to international users at the same time, so it's not carriers fault for the delay, much of it still is due to Huawei's own drip-drip releases.


It's rumoured to drop on Bell and Telus this week (appeared and disappeared from the Bell scheduler).... but Huawei's missed those projected time frames many times before for all 3 carriers and for the 20, 30 and 40.


What's the current latest official version is everyone on at the moment?

When Huawei says it's pushed to all users, it's not via carrier, it's direct to individuals.


If non-carrier versions to much of the rest of the world aren't until end of December and January 2021, and Huawei said they hadn't even pushed an official non-beta version in early December, it's unlikely carrier testing was started anytime before Dec 19th when the first pushes started dropping.

Also the fact that they dropped it just before the holidays, add 2 weeks to any typical carrier certification process. So the earliest realistic expectation would be end of January / beginning of February.