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Windows 10 Mobile

Friendly Neighbour

Where is the Windows 10 Mobile OTA Update for existing Lumia 830 customers currently under contract who qualify for the upgrade from Microsoft?



I called Telus tech support and they had no information on the update and the tech assumed that the MFG'r would manage and deploy their phones' updates (as per Apple's iPhone approach).


Windows update adviser on my Lumia 830 says phone is eligible but also they are working with provider (Telus) to deploy.





Update Advisor on my Lumia 830 says something to the effect of: "Good news, your phone is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 10. We are working with your mobile operator and phone manufacturer to make the upgrade available for your phone, you'll see a notification when its ready".  


The Telus tech sounds clueless, as i believe the wait is for our mobile operator (Telus) to approve the "Over the Air" update for release.


So the question is......with Telus completely giving up on the Windows based platform, have they completely given up support and/or releasing qualified updates to their existing customers who are still on contract with a Windows phone?





Just Moved In


I'm getting the same reply from telus tech.... "don't see any update and can't tell if there is going to be a future update". I actually bought the unlock code and thinkin about switching to bell, they still sell the 830 and maybe will support it better. All I want is an answer whether they are still supporting the windows phone. 








Ditto.  I contacted Telus a few times prior to the official W10 Mobile release to see what their plans were for support and I got the typical run-around "we dont know at this point" answer. Since the release of W10 Mobile, I've contacted Telus, yet again, to see what their plans were for the release and still got the cut and paste answer.  All i want to know is if they are simply going to release the **bleep** Update at some point in time, plain and simple.  1 month, 2 months, 6 months from now or has Telus completely abandoned support for a product that we are still under contract and paying for.

As per April 4 - technical support has no information - the Lumia 830 is not on Telus' list of phones expecting an upgrade. There is no information about Windows 10 mobile and the technical support rep considered it a possibility that due to the phone not being popular they may delay or not proceed.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Technical support will only find out when Telus officially announces an update for Windows phone. Considering that Windows phone is slowly dying out, it's hard to say what will happen with the update. It may still happen but we won't know until Telus announces it.

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Just Moved In

Since it sounds like Telus won't be supporting it at this point, I'd suggest becoming a "Windows Insider". Sign up online then download the app on your phone. You'll get access to the current build (which is pretty stable at this point) and the only real difference is that you will then see new builds before the general public. I utilized the predecessor to the Windows Insider program (known as the software developer preview back then) to upgrade my Lumia 820 to Windows Phone 8.1 with good results. I knew that was the only way I was getting it since the 820 was never sold here and therefore wouldn't be receiving any support from Telus (they actually tried to sell me on a phone from them using the specific reason that they wouldn't provide any support for mine). I've since signed up for the Windows Insider program and will be using it to upgrade once again.

I've considered joining the Insider's Program.  


If you are an "Insider" so to speak, do you always have to accept the "upgrade" that comes to your phone or can you decline it if you feel like your phone is stable as it is?  


If your phone becomes absolutely unstable, can you rollback to 8.1?  Is that with the Windows Recovery Tool?


All firmware updates come from the Insider's Program automatically if needed for a certain build?

Just upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia 830 - very nice - Thank you Telus

Kmiles - Thanks for the "heads-up" in regards to the W10 update being released.  Telus actually came through for us remaining Windows users. 

Pleasant surprise, my phone is now receiving W10 monthly cumulative update 10586.318 which was just released this week by Microsoft. Thumbs up if this sort of on the fly updating occurs regularly which absolutely trumps both iOS and Android updates.  

Does Telus offers mobile plan in B.C. for Lumia 830 in Windows 10 at all?

Community Power User
Community Power User

There appear to be two versions of the Lumina 830, a North American version and an International version. The NorthAmerican version should work on the Telus network, but not the International version. Where did you purchase the phone?


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