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Ulefone Armor 26

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Telus doesn't seem to offer any phones with micro SD options which interest me, and that means looking elsewhere for phones. The Sonim XP10 simply doesn't offer me what I want for the price, as far as storage and memory go. 

I'm curious about the Ulefone Armor 26, which is only a recently released phone option, but I'm concerned about capability on the Telus network.

While I'm not overly concerned about chat over Wi-Fi, I'm wondering if anyone knows if data and text are a going concern with more recent Ulefone models? 

I need a solid phone with expandable memory, and I don't think the Samsung models (available elsewhere) are going to cut it for me.


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Community Power User

Ulefone lists global network compatibility on the specs page for the phone. It has all Canadian networks listed. While in theory the phone may work, it's impossible to know if it'll work without problems. The specs page does list most of the Canadian 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G cellular bands / frequencies.


Some people have had some luck with getting some Chinese phones to work on Telus in the past but not everyone. You would have to manually configure the APN settings on the phone before data might work. There have been posts on the forums before of imported / non-Telus devices not working properly with VoLTE or Wi-fi Calling. 

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What Telus deems as a grey market device are not family treated on their network and Telus is currently the only Canadian carrier to block most international market devices from fully working on their network. The device will not be provisioned for VoLTE, VoNR, or VoWiFi and roaming will not be permitted in the US and potentially other countries.

Tue 3G sunset for Canada is coming. It probably won't be this year but no one really knows when Canadian carriers will start this process or when the government will give Canadian carriers a date to do this by. Because grey market devices are forced to rely on 3G for calls. Those devices will not be able to make or receive calls once that happens. It might be worth buying something sold I'm Canada at authorized retailers, like BestBuy. If storage size is an issue. Purchase a device with a larger storage capacity, like 512GB or 1TB of internal storage.

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I have one coming - it looks like it will work fine on 5G - it has the 71 band which is what is needed for Telus 5G. There are no issues with all other networks. I purchased mostly because of the ham radio inclusion and if that does not work out, I'll sell it. 


n71 is not deployed in very many places for Telus 5G. The device is also not compatible with VoLTE or VoNR, so your calls will be dependent on 3G service until 3G is discontinued.

Thanks for the info. As long as the 3g is working it will be fine. Data is more important and I do have the 71 band. I stopped buying Chinese phone a long time ago because of the poorly implemented software but I hear this has improved and am hoping this phone will endure the hard knocks it will Recieve.