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Third party event billing

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I was looking at my Telus bills and for the past 5 months I've been billed by a third party company called Boku for $16.99.  When I called TELUS they said yes third party billing can happen and yet I have NO record of them having permission to bill me.  They never sent me ANY emails or any invoices... and Telus is saying I have to call this company to cancel this charge?  SHADY as F I tell ya... really not impressed. This never happened while I was with Rogers.  Keep an eye on your bills... I'm out over $100 for something I've never signed up for.  SO irritating. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

It would not matter which provider you are with. If you signed up for something in an app or someone that borrowed your phone did, the charge would have occurred regardless. Some apps/vendors that use Boku include: Netflix, Spotify, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, and Wargaming. Boku website:


Some Info:


The above link has info on what Boku is, what to do if you don't recognize a charge and preventing future charges. You may want to read through it to see if it will help.



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As Nighthawk mentioned these charges are not carrier dependant. You can also check out the page for a general overview of Third party charges and how to avoid them.