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Telus vs Samsung, meanwhile I wait for them to figure it out - Day 4

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With 13 years of customer loyalty toward Telus I opted to change carriers after being offered a corporate plan via my work place. Knowing that Telus would not be able to beat such a plan (as it is based on volume) I asked to have my Samsung S6 phone unlocked and to pay off my device balance of $350 (roughly half way through my current contract). It has been 4 days of "customer service" run around with a myriad of "escalations" throughout Telus. I am unable to utilize my phone during this time. To date I have spoken to 8 separate customer service representatives, some of which I have spoken to multiple times. At this point Telus is pointing the finger at Samsung and continue to state that it will take "a couple of days". I have suggested that Telus allow me to swap phones so they can resolve the problem without inconveniencing me, however they claim they are unable to do so and are "working on it".

This is clearly a frustrating situation and after hours of being placed on hold and being told "your case has been escalated" at the end of each day, I can't but help feeling powerless and second rate from a company I praised for 13 years.


Helpful Neighbour

There must be more to it.

Normal procedure says that Unlocking can be done through Customer Service on Telephone after 90 days after purchase.  Closing the account would be done AFTER that. and that would be done through Loyalty.  


Have they not given you a specific reason why they are running into a roadblock?  Cause this is routine stuff.  Go stright to Loyalty and explain it to them.  Sounds a bit like a language barrier problem.

Just Moved In

Well if the issue is with the unlock code, Makes sense that they will have to get in touch with Samsung. Code comes from them and not Telus.