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Telus stole my old device and refused to credit me.

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I have a major issue, and I'm not getting any help.

I recently pre-ordered a Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB under the EPP on February 4th, 2023. Received the device on February 8th, 2023 and activated my new line. I was told by an agent over the phone that I can get a S23 series top-up promotion of $350, plus the $210 credit for trading in my Galaxy S20 Plus 128GB device as a bill credit or prepaid credit card. I went to a Telus dealer and gave in my device, and in return, I got a in store coupon of $560 and was told that the amount will be in my bill, however, that was not the case when I called a few days later to Telus and they couldn't find any bill credit I was suppose to get.

I went to a Telus Corporate store after and the manager told me the coupon expired the same day I got the coupon, and couldn't give me the credit. I called Telus, they refused to help me further, and referred me back to the dealer.

The dealer refuses to reprocess the trade-in and I am now stuck with Telus having my old phone and i did not receive any credit for it. This is a HUGE issue and I have enough evidence to show it. Telus support has done nothing but waste my time going in circles with me, promising to call me back, promised many things and getting nowhere after they stole my device and refused to give me my credit.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @AndrewD1995 we'd like to investigate this further. If you want, feel free to send a private message with some more info such as the store locations so we can reach out to them directly and get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

Just Moved In

Did you ever get this resolved? I've had a similar (but not as severe) problem recently with agents promising me things over the phone, discounts and credits, and then not having them applied to my home service and mobility activations. When I contacted support, they were no help, because there's no paper-trail or record of these agents promising things. It's like I have to record the phone call whenever I speak to someone at Telus.