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Telus blocks internet access via hotspot tablet sim

Just Moved In
I need to use my tablet sim (data only plan) as a hotspot in my car - i cannot stop everytime to give passengers access to the hotspot on my Telus phone. With the tablet sim, my car has a permanent internet connection for remote access of functions, online radio, and apps. However Telus does not allow devices connected via that hotspot to connect to the internet - technically this is totally possible. Maybe Telus wants to protect their SmartHub product, but that of course doesn’t work with my car. Anyone else has this issue?

Just Moved In
I'm having the same problem. Waste of money. Telus wouldn't help me.

Try this... Prepaid, looked a bit sketchy, but works like a dream - it takes a few or more minutes to register - but it works great for any device in my car including my dashcam.