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Téléphone reception


Thé bars on the phone keep changing all the time.  Most times it remains around 1 and maybe 2 bars.  Exceptionally 4 bars appear but doesn’t stay for long. It suddenly drops to 2.  I live in the countryside (rural area) so I have a land line.  The cellphone is for emergencies,like today.  We had no electricity therefore no phone service.  So I asked the doctor is call on my wife’s cell phone but the doctor was not able to get through.  She left a message on the phone but it did not ring on her phone.  What could be the problem?  Coco14


Community Power User
Community Power User

With the limited information provided, there could be many reasons, including poor connection at time of call, or network issues.


Why does your landline not work during a power outage? Is it because you have cordless phones, or something else? You could obtain a phone which does not need to be plugged into 120 volts for times of power outages.

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