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Poor cell signal

We just moved into Keswick Landing and are experiencing the worst cell reception ever. We have three cell phone with our plan. This service is not worth the money we spend with Telus with this crappy service. You need to fix this. You pride yourself to in being there for your customer but you are failing everyone south of Ellerslie road.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You've moved into an extremely new area that's still under development. Congrats on the new house! The nearest tower to Keswick Landing is across from the fire hall on Allan Dr SW, just north of Ellerslie Rd. If measured to the centre of Keswick Landing, that's a direct distance of 1.5km. Rogers and Bell both share the same tower so you'd be hard pressed to find better reception at present.


You can report cellular issues at by clicking on the green Report an Outage button, or reach out to Telus's Mobility team directly at 1-866-558-2273 and they can investigate with you.

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Community Power User

if your phone/plan supports wi-fi calling you can enable this to mitigate the issues you are experiencing.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thanks for your response. Yes I can mitigate this with that solution but that is not want Telus needs to do to help its customers. We need a tower in our neighbourhood to get cell service. The service we pay for.


Richard Svekla

A new tower takes many years. First step is people reporting problems to Telus directly so that they know there is an issue in an area. Sometimes there may be alternate solutions. The more people that complain, either through the link I posted earlier or by calling Telus directly, the more attention that area will get. Then residents will need to get the attention of the City of Edmonton as they will also play a significant part in getting a new tower put in. 


Some recommended reading from the Gov't of Canada:

Tower sharing wouldn't be applicable yet as the closest tower to you already is a shared tower. That shared tower also made a lot of nearby residents mad back when it was installed. A second story about that tower.

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