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Smart hub speed issues

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So we recently purchased a smart hub. When we got it hooked up we were disappointed to find out our speeds were less than 1 MBS down and up. Connection was good with 3-4 bars but the speed was very low. My cell phone which was using the same network was getting 60-70 MBs down and 5-10 up. When we contacted Telus Tech support they explained that smart hubs are prioritized less than regular cell customers due to Telus’s network traffic shifting policy. As a result this policy can cause low speeds to smart hub customers especially when towers are congested. Telus tech support told us it wasn’t going to work and to take the smart hub back for a refund. Anybody else experience this issue?

Community Power User
Community Power User

One of the issues is that only certain cellular towers are provisioned to support the Smart Hub. If you were sold the device without the vendor confirming the tower to which you would connect, you will discover the issue. The tech at Telus support offered the best advice.

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Ya, I'm getting the same issue. But with Rogers wireless, I have the huawei LTE rocket stick. I just ran it thu the washer machine the back cover came off but plug it back in and it wrks but only get like 14-16mbps down and before I ran it thu I was still only getting 50-70 down and I live right by every carrier cell tower in Surrey, BC

@kikithecafekief101 Running it through the washer won’t have any effect on it. It either would work or would not. The tower it connects to and signal strength and users connected to the towers are the only factors.

Your content helped me a lot to take my doubts, thank you very much.