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Since Covid became a thing, I can no longer log in to my Telus account

Anyone else unable to use the Telus site(not on my iPhone, or PC), since the COVID-19 pandemic started? I find it very convenient(for Telus), that I can’t gain access to my Telus account, in any way, shape, or form. Hasn’t worked since the day I started to enquire about reducing my services. I’ve changed nothing, in regards to my Telus account(Not my password, username, or email). I don’t receive requested emails, regarding changing my password, and/or email address...yet I still get special offer emails from them(at the same email). I’ll be calling them today, not really how I want to be spending my Saturday afternoon, but oh well. 



I've been using My TELUS continuously right through the pandemic period. There is an intermitteny issue with cookiies but a forced browser refresh or clering of cookies fixes it. What exactly are the symptoms when you say you can get to your account?


I recommend using the online Chat to contact TELUS. Type "speak to person" to any question the bot asks you. At least you can do something else on the computer while you wait.