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My name is Damaris and I´m a freelancer. I supposed translate 200 medical articles English to Portuguese in 3 days, I send the files by [email protected], they told me that the payment was in process but I need pay BRL 500 so I could recive my money, because I just slept 3 h for 3 days I didn´t though much and send the money, now I don´t have my money, didn´t recive my payment and I´m reciving messages requesting to pay US$100 so finally can recive my payment. 

If it´s not your company, please just check and search this information because they are using your name, but if it´s your company I just want my payment, please.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, that was a scam. Telus doesn't use Gmail addresses for communication. Do NOT send them any more money. You'll never see any payment from the scammers.

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No corporation of significant size would use [email protected] as an email address. They would use [email protected] as their email address and even then you need to make sure that is owned by the company and not some variation of the official domain owned by someone else.