Reducing # of rings before answering

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How to I do this ?


It used to be much easier, it now depends on the phone you have as well as the service the user & provider has, before it was a lot easier across platforms with ATT * codes, and even part of the device menu settings.


Now it's pretty much a very convoluted process, so easiest to phone *611 and have them do it, however, even with the instructions you may need to call them to find your hosting messaging centre number. You should be able to find your voicemail messaging host # by long-pressing "1" on your phone , which should access your voicemail platform and show a TN as well. It can also often be found within the phone settings menu under something like Call settings > Voicemail > Voicemail settings and then show you the number    If not call 611.


The process for most android phones is to enter the following calling string:  **61* + (voicemail number) + ** + (number of seconds) + # symbol , so it should format like this:  **61*voicemailphonenumber**seconds#   **61*voicemailphonenumber**seconds# note that the average ring in N.Am phone is 6 seconds so for 2 full rings it would be 12 seconds and look something like this (I replace your messaging number with 1234... **61*12345678901**12#


On Samsung using their phone app you can often remove the voicemail number and shorten this to **61*321** + (two digit time in seconds for ring, but in multiples of 5)


So for 5 seconds it would look like **61*321**05# for 10 seconds **61*321**10# and so on.


If all that is too much trouble, call *611 and see if they can do it for you or walk you through it for your phone.


It used to be much easier and used to work with the same self service codes ( *94 + # of rings ) settings as on landline, and some still do, but that changed when Telus moved from the old Nortel Messaging platform.


Hope that helps, if not contact *611 for further assistance. 



I also found that it is possible on some iPhones using the similar sting with some modifications.


In the example I saw for Rogers, they added an extra couple of digits (11) in between the two asterisks of the voicemail platform number and the number of seconds, plus in their example they added a + symbol in the string just before the voicemail platform number because of how Apple handles the numbers , so supposedly it looks like this on Apple phones ;




(remembering that the middle number after the + is your voicemail number with the digits all together without spaces where 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx becomes 1xxxxxxxxxx , or 1-604-555-1212 becomes 16045551212)



Good Luck! 🤠