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Do 2G devices still work?

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I’m looking at ways to send data from a remote weather station to online storage.  The site has cellular coverage and the volume of data is small, maybe 100 kB per day.  One approach would be to add a GSM module to the data logger and send data by FTP.  For example, a SIM800 module costs about $15 and there’s a Telus plan which lets you add a device to your existing plan for $10 more a month plus $40 one time to set up the SIM.  But does Telus still support GSM or HSPA and will continue that service?



TELUS never supported GSM. They currently support hspa which will be around for a while as a lot of phones do not support voice over lte.



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Additionally, GSM was only available from Rogers and they are also shutting down their GSM network December 31, 2020. They supposedly stopped taking new sign ups for GSM service July 1, 2018.


HSDPA (3G) is still active. Checking on the cell tower map for your area can help determine the frequencies used by the nearby towers.

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@Nighthawk   Uplink is HSUPA / UMTS downlink is HSDPA in 3G , and Rogers extended network access for GSM/GPRS until at least March 2021 (announced in the summer due to Covid delays in m2m / IoT replacement programs). which might change again due to ongoing covid delays. N.Am. timeframe is end of 2022 regardless.


@sidtupper  Get a 3G/4G IoT/M2M modem that supports 850/1900Mhz at least (on UMTS/WCDMA bands 2 & 5) and additionally 4G support on 700Mhz (bands 12, 13, 17, 29) , 1700/2100Mhz (band 4 ) , 2600Mhz (band 7 ) would be best for current and future interoperability.


And if you have enough devices in a nearby area, you p might want to get LPWA / LoRa support to leverage single point collection/transmission if price is a concern.


Pretty much no one supports older 2G/2.5G modems on their networks anymore, even if the network isn't shutdown yet (all network support ends 2022), but they won't troubleshoot them, and as mentioned they strongly resist adding devices to anyone who already isn't an m2m customer with existing devices.


Also if you have a lot of modems for doing SCADA type activity, then get Telus’ IoT platform SIMs for less. They  offer LTE-M now, but that doesn't seem like your low throughput use-case. And again LWPA can address that too.