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Phone service switching

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an I transfer Telus phone service from one blackberry passport phone to another BB newer one. The other phone died. How to do this?. Old phone has a message about the sim not being recognized


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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @AlanAA 

Yes, you should be able to simply remove the SIM card from one BlackBerry, and insert the SIM card into another BlackBerry. You can even put the SIM in an iPhone, Samsung, or other make/model.

Common Issues You May Encounter & How To Fix Them
I have organized this list in order of most common to least common. I recommend anyone reading this to complete a Network Reset since it fixes so many issues, and is super simple to do. Also I recommend writing down the error messages you encounter word-for-word to ensure tech support assists you with the correct problem which will save you time.


  1. Reset Network Settings - The phones network configuration is corrupted
    This can occur out of nowhere, and there is far to many things that may cause this issue. The good news this can be fixed very quickly and is super easy to do.

    CAUTION: Follow the instructions exactly, and be very careful not to click the wrong reset option such as "Factory Restore", or "Factory Data Reset" since this will delete everything on your phone. A Network Reset will ONLY delete your saved passwords for your WiFi, and your Bluetooth. Once solution is complete, you will need reconnect to your WiFi using the password, and to your Bluetooth devices such as your Car, or headphones. 

    Solution (iPhone): Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings and follow the prompts.

    Solution (Android): Go to Settings>"General Management" or "System">"Reset" or "Reset Options">Reset Network Settings and follow prompts and click confirm.

  2. Carrier Locked - The other phone is locked to a different carrier
    Common when you purchased the phone from a different carrier, received a phone as a gift, or purchased from an individual. 

    Is my phone carrier locked?
    If you put a SIM card in the phone and get the any of the errors: "Invalid SIM card", "Network locked SIM card" "SIM not supported", "Activation Error" the phone is likely locked to a different carrier.

    Solution: On the phone which is carrier locked, open up your phone app, and call the number *#06# it will display your IMEI number. Please write down this number, and call the carrier you think your phone is locked to. You may need to call a few different carriers if you cant remember where you got the phone from.

  3. SIM Locked - The SIM is password protected
    Less common, but still common enough to mention. Some phones will ask you to set a SIM PIN during setup, other times you may set it when playing around in the settings of your phone mistaking it for your typical PIN that you use to access your phone daily.

    Is my SIM card locked?
    When you restart your phone, there will be a prompt asking you for a PIN or a PUK code. This prompt appears before your phone asks for your typical PIN to use your phone.

    CAUTION: Do not make multiple attempts at guessing the PIN. It will self destruct the SIM after multiple attempts, and you will need to purchase a new one. If this happens, save time, and purchase a new SIM card before calling your carrier since there is nothing they can do until you have a new one.

    Solution: Call the cellphone carrier where your SIM came from, and ask for the PUK code. Prepare yourself, they will ask you lots of security questions. When you receive the PUK code, make sure to enter it slowly and accurately since this may only work once.

  4. Defective SIM card - You may need to purchase a new one
    They don't last forever, which is why carriers give you a new one every time you get a new device. Over time they can get worn out if you move them from one phone to another, or other scenarios like corrosion. 

    Is my SIM card defective?
    When you get the error "No SIM", or "No SIM Card Installed" this usually means there is either something wrong with how you inserted the SIM, or that the SIM card is defective.

    Solution: First turn off your phone, and remove the SIM card. Clean the mental part of the SIM (rubbing alcohol works great) and place the SIM back in your phone, and turn it on. If you still get an error, then if you have a 2nd phone (personal, family, or friend) try putting the SIM card in their phone. If you still get an error, or if you cant test on a 2nd phone, try contacting tech support for the carrier associated with the SIM card. 


There are other less common SIM card issues, but I will leave that for another day. I hope you found this helpful.

Common Questions I get regarding SIM cards

  • Will I loose my pictures, videos, or contacts?
    No, a SIM card is not a memory card (it may look similar though). There may be up to 250 saved contacts on it, but that's very uncommon as it requires you to have changed the settings manually.

  • Will I loose my phone number?
    No, your phone number is not actually stored on your SIM card. If you get a new SIM card, you can transfer your current phone number to a new SIM card using your TELUS Online Account. 


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