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Phone Not Registered With Telus

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Here's a good one...

My contract started in 2014, and I was up for a device upgrade in 2017. I waited for the Google Pixel to be a $0 upgrade. In December of 2017, it was. I used Telus's online upgrade system, and a brand new Pixel was sent to me, from Telus. I called Customer service to set up the new SIM card, and there was a small issue because she activated it on the wrong phone number associated with the account. No big deal, she fixed it right away, and I was off.

Last week (May of 2017) my ear speaker started to malfunction. No big deal, because the phone is under warranty. I took the phone to an actual Telus store, where the very nice lady told me the phone was not in the Telus system, and my account only showed my old S5 phone. She also said she couldn't even find my service agreement to check when it was started. Also, because the phone was not "registered" with Telus, I could not send the phone in for repair. Plus, my account has a $900 device charge, which apparently started in April of 2017 (well before the Pixel was on the Market).

Any takers?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Please review and edit your dates. You can use the caret [ v ] in the upper right of your post to correct them.  As it sits, a device balance a month old is no surprise, but having a phone in your possession which will not be purchased until this coming Christmas is a real feat.


We would appreciate not having to guess. Thanks.


You may be best to contact Telus directly, rather than through a point of sale, as the CSR will have access to more info.


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