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Online Order

Just Moved In

I order online last Nov 2023. I never receive my phone Iphone15 max and Telus started deducted to my account. I called up many times on your representatives from phils, morocco and other countries. The latest called they said they will contact the dealer. The UPS when you track the history they send it back to Calgary Telus but since I talked so many representatives they just passed it to other people until waiting for so long and never return back until you pissed off. Go to my system and you can track all the track all the transactions. I don know how you can help me with this. Please try to settle this I have been in Telus for 10 years. Or else I will go to other providers. Somebody said they cut the contract but I requested a copy or send to my email. 

Hopefully this issue will be resolve as soon as possible. Thanks


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, just following up on this. Have you been able to get this resolved with our Mobility team yet?