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New prepaid phone.

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My old prepaid phone died. I bought a new phone LG K20 for my prepaid plan. The new phone takes a different SIM card so I cannot just change cards. Unfortunately the sales man could not get the new SIM card number changed on my Telus account. I have tried everything I can think of to get the card number changed. Right now your Phone in support is not only useless ( or non existent)  and keeps hanging up on me after telling me how much they appreciate my business. The section of your My Telus on line support that I need is not is service. IS THERE ANYONE THAT CAN HELP ME. I have been working on this problem for a week now. in the mean time I have no working cell phone. I understand that things are a challenge at this time. Having said that, it is very upsetting to hear Telus say that they are there for there customers when you are clearly not. Ted. 


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Community Power User

You could try contacting them via Twitter     @TELUSsupport, as described in the Contact Us link at the page bottom.

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If your old phone uses a micro SIM you can cut it to make a nano SIM and put it in the LG K20.

I've done this many times. There are lots of instuctions and videos on the Internet. Here is an example:


It's not difficult, just take your time. You have nothing to lose since your old phone is dead anyway.


The sales person at the store should have known this. Many stores have a cutter tool that makes it easy to do.