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LinkHub HH41NH Wireless Home Phone

Just Moved In

I'm from Ontario and I did sign for Telus wireless home phone. I did receive Link Hub HH41NH box by Purolator and I inserted SIM card and I was ready to go. Everything was working okay until I noticed that every 3rd-4th incoming call when I pick up the phone my Telus Hub box is showing no network signal and my Vtech phone base is showing no line. I have to wait about 30 seconds and my box is reconnecting itself to cellular network and start showing the 3 service bars again. People are asking why I'm not answering the phone. For outgoing calls everything is working perfect. 

I went to Telus chat for the technical help and the guy on the chat told me that Telus just started with wireless home phone with this Alcatel LinkHub and no one ever come with such problem yet. He restarted my network connection and next incoming call no service bars again and unable to receive the call

I'm writing this hoping that someone on the forum has same problem with Alcatel Link Hub and can tell me what to do. We also have cell phones on Telus network and we never had this kind of problem with incoming calls or weak signal what so ever.