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LTE hub gets hot and resets

Just Moved In
For the past 1.5-2 months now, our LTE hub resets randomly. The case is fairly warm when it does. It seems to happen whenever someone tried to download or update something.
Has anyone else had this problem?
We called Telus and got the usual "bring it in so we can send it away" line.
I just might try chopping up the case and letting it have some airflow and see what happens.


Where is it located? Is there enough air flow around it? Is it stacked on top of other devices?

Try standing the device on it's side to expose both the top and bottom sides to air flow.

It sits on a shelf, nothing around it. There's no vents for any kind of airflow on it that I can see.
That's why I'm thinking of modifying the case so it does get some air.

Modifying the case is not recommended. You could do more harm than good, especially on devices with antennae which may depend on the case design to work properly. Mobile phones are a perfect example of that.