LGG5 not getting most texts


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Hello! I need some help! My son has an LGG5 phone on a telus $22 monthly plan. It received two texts in a row, it I copy and paste the first text and send it immediately. However it won't receive just one text. This happens with any phone I believe. Two texts in a row from a Samsung 6 or Note5 will go through, but not just one. Not sure what other phones his friends have though, but the same happens from theirs. Telus has reset the phone twice, which fixes the problem but only for less than a day. Thanks on advance for any advice you can give

Has the texting app been updated recently?  Sometimes updates do cause issues.  You could also try a different texting app to see if that happens to work better for you.  Check the APN settings and possibly try deleting and putting them back in manually.