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How to organize a callback from the webstore

Just Moved In

I am currently on the verge of cancelling my two mobile lines, both of my house's internet, and my business's account. Telus just cancelled an order that i have had through the EPP since December 6th, and claimed that I requested the cancellation which is false. 

The story is way longer and has involved around 5 hours of discussions on the phone with Telus support, after which I was told I was correct, given multiple credits, and promised a solution. Which never materialized and is why I am at my wit's end.

Could someone from the moderation team please assist me by helping me not waste two more work days on the  phone and to instead schedule a call. 




Yikes, that's understandably frustrating. Here on the forums we don't have access to accounts, escalations, or the ability to authenticate accounts. However the TELUS Social Media team might be able to help out, give them a shout over Facebook or Twitter support, Cheers.