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Google Play charge

Just Moved In
I just got my recent phone bill, I was charged for a Google Play fee of $28.34 but I have not purchased any apps or subscriptions. My Google account says I have zero purchase history. I have tried phoning and it did not help at all. How do I figure out what this extra fee is for?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Any billing issues you will have to contact Telus via your phone at *611. Or you can contact Telus here, or faster way to reach out is via their social media channel at X (formerly Twitter)

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you open Google Play and tap on the following:

1) Your profile picture in upper right corner

2)  Payments and subscriptions

3)  Budget & history


Scroll down the list, do you see any corresponding charge? if not, replace step 3 with Subscriptions. If you don't see any corresponding charge, then I would follow @WestCoasterBC's suggestion.