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Bring It Back Program Phone Switch

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I am kind of lost in the search process. I am with TELUS for 1.5years for now after a win back offer where I got 2 new phones and 3 lines for my family with a win back plan and Bring it back device.


Now I want to upgrade my phone and plan but when I want to do so it shows that I have to pay upfront devices' rest of the balance even though it shows I have trade in value which is higher than the balance. 


What's the catch there?


Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! The Bring-It-Back program is a 24 month plan, so assuming that if you want to get a new device before that timeframe the system would charge the full remaining balance. Give our Mobility team a shout at 1-866-558-2273 or *611 from your mobile device and let them know what's up...they'll do what they can for you!

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At the end of your financing, you often have an outstanding balance that you can either pay and keep the phone, or hand back the phone to avoid paying that final balance.


This is in addition to the balance that you have remaining on your prescheduled 24 month plans.