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After 10 days and still trying to get phone setup

Just Moved In

Is there a way to get Telus to call us and help? I talked with a salesperson and she sent me a quote, but no way to get back to her.  After a few days I managed to get someone else to talk to.  It seems like Telus with pass you onto Mobile but no one answers or get back to you.  After saying OK to the 2 phone numbers, we had to wait 9 days to get the SIM cards.  Had a question today and waited ALL for a call back.  NO call back.  


Now I have managed to check my bill. It is over twice the amount I was quoted and I cannot get anyone to talk to me!  I have had bad service, but never this bad and I have been a Telus customer for over 25 years!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@waggy did you ever get that call back? Our scope of support on community is limited since we can't view your account but if you summarize what you got billed for (including the dates), perhaps we can break it down for you.