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Billing Says I am behind Going to disconect but I owe nothing!!

Just Moved In

Twice this month I received e-mail from Telus saying that I owe past due amount.
Today it said that I will be disconnected soon and that I lied when I said I had made a payment!
I checked with my bank and my Telus account on-line and both show I am paid up and have the normal monthly amount coming due in mid January.
What the hell? This better not show up on my credit score!
And to make matters worse it appears that the call centers aren't working today, Tuesday 26th.

Looks like this issue is not unique to me, What's going on??


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you sure it's a legitimate email from Telus and not a scam email? Does the email mention the correct account number or any other account specific details that are correct?

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