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I’m not sure if this is a scam

Just Moved In
I’m confused to say the least. About a week ago my mother got a call from “Telus” offering a deal on the newest iPhone and newest Samsung. They were offering them for 50 dollars a month with no additional fee’s. I could overhear the conversation my mom was having and I got pretty suspicious of it. I told her my concerns and she straight up asked the man on the phone if he was a scammer, which of course if he is a scammer he’s not going to admit that.
Anyways they said they could prove they were Telus by calling from the proper Telus number. And they did, but they also called from a number in Ontario, British Columbia and one from Alberta.

I told my mom not to trust it and she told the guy that she was just not going to give them her information and she got transferred to someone else. This guy said that he by-passed all of the information gathering and said that we would receive our phones in six days. Couple hours we got another call from the original guy asking for my mother’s banking information again and she denied him. For the past week they have been calling her repeatedly. Today we got a slip in the mail saying we had a package from Bell at the post office.
We went and got the package and there was a Virgin mobile SIM card and one google pixel 7 a. Which makes absolutely no sense and has greatly confused me and my mother. We never payed for anything or gave any vital information. Yet we now have one phone, that is a completely different from the ones they were talking about.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Given everything you've described, it's clearly a scam. The scammers lost track of which customers they were trying to dupe given they probably run an operation that targets customers of all carriers. 

Please don't hesitate to report this to the Canada Anti-fraud Centre and possible your local police non-emergency line for guidance.