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Android Marshmallow Update


What about the Moto X 2014? Motorola says the device for carrier TELUS will receive Android M.


See here:

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I have a TELUS Moto X 2014. On Nov 27, 2015, I bought a Nexus 5X after this post said nothing about the Moto X 2014 receiving Android M. Around Dec 12, I set up my Nexus 5X and turned off my Moto X. On Dec 22, I turned on the Moto X to get it ready to give to my girlfriend. It was only on Wi-Fi as I had put my SIM in my Nexus 5X. Once it booted up, BANG, there was a system update notification for Android 6.01, so I installed it. So, although this post does not mention that the TELUS Moto X 2014 was to receive Android M, it is now installed on my TELUS Moto X 2014. I should note that it is NOT rooted, however, I did unlock it using an unlock code from CellUnlocker. Also, at the time it received the OTA update, I was not on the TELUS network - just Wi-Fi.

Well its Jan14,no update for marshmallow moto g3rd gen.First they said Dec 20-then Jan 11-Then Jan 14.What gives,tired of this date change waiting game.When will we get the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys, its already 21st Jan.... my HTC ONE M8 is missing the sweetness of Android M.

Fingers crossed that the update for the G4 on monday doesn't get delayed!

The question is, have other carriers already pushed the Android M update to Samsung phones? That would tell us whether this is truly a manufacturer's delay as Telus would have us believe, or a Telus delay... 

Hoping the M8 update will still be on schedule for this thursday!

Screenshot_2016-02-01-20-57-39-1.pngWhich means Telus will push it out around the end of February or March.

Very disappointed in Telus as a whole.....the original date to for the update was December 18... Then it was January 7.... A month later and still no update... 

Installed android m on lg g4. It has fixed my skipping audio on bluetooth!

@RKinMTL @ogre It doesn't look like Bell and Rogers have posted their update times for the Galaxy lines either...

What is the validity of that document posted above by @THE61X?


It's dated 29 October 2015, which makes me doubt it's applicable to this thread about Telus in Canada...?

Great news everyone! Update for HTC M8, and M9 will be released tomorrow. It will roll out gradually for all our customers. 


We will follow up later with the build number. 

I know what I'll be doing all day tomorrow, checking for the update on my M8. Haha. Finally!!

Moto X Play has not seen Android M update yet even though the update came out in December 2015.


Does the TELUS system only give the update once per SIM card?


Original Moto X Play got update in December 2015, then had warranty issue.


Replacement Moto X Play with same SIM card has still not gotten the Android M update.

I can confirm that the M8 update has been pushed out!! Downloading it now!

@Plaq it looks live it's only Android 6.0 for my m8 at least, but I will confirm that once I have the update installed

@dustinjkeller Just got the update myself (downloading now), the build number was there and I thought it said 6.0, but don't quote me on it! Smiley Very Happy


Android 6.0

Sense 7

For m8

@Claystation3 if it is only the 6.0 I hope they update to 6.0.1 soon. I want a couple of the added features that they put in to it, like the added 200+ emojis so I can see all of them from an iPhone user. I didn't pay attention really when the prompt came up to update, I was too excited to read it and just pressed install haha.

@dustinjkeller too!!! Been waiting too long for this to read some update jargon!