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Am I delusional?

I just signed up for two lines at $90/50GB.
Yesterday I see it’s now going for $90/100GB.
More than double for the same price? Ok, so I switch. Then today I see it advertised as $60. Am I losing it? After over an hour on chat and basically being told I am using the wrong browser, the province must be wrong, or that the promo team is unavailable… I still don’t have an answer. I just joined and am feeling this let down and no one seems to care.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Best price I see is $75 for a 100 GB plan.

Offers change all the time, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.


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Today the deal is Unlimited 100 5G+
per line per month with 2 people



With Rogers trying to win back customers after the loss of many with the nationwide outage that happened a while back.  Bell/Telus are offering limited time deals that seems to sometimes fluctuate daily to win back and or keep customers from switching.  As mentioned in the other thread.  Contracts lock you in with very little recourse for the customer until that contract is fulfilled.  If you don't have a contract, then take the best deal you can get for the service you want because you have nothing forcing you to stay with one or the other.