What has happened to BC 1 news channel? Gone from my subscribed list today.

Bc 1 news channel has dropped from my subscribed channels. Not free any longer??
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It’s showing up in my guide channel 845, watching it right now.
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Unfortunately, the free preview for BC1 News ended on June 12, 2018.  You would now need to subscribe to the channel either by a la carte or subscribing to the news theme (Essentials version 1) or new North America theme (if you have Essentials version 2).


why is it that Telus seems always to nickel and dime'ing us to death..... now another channel being charged with out notice.  I am now expecting CBC Network to be the next one that Telus can grab more money from it subscribers at the same time always increasing the rates....... I will be now looking at signing off of the cable TV with telus when my contract is up...... Still shaking my head with disgust

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@giblet You do realize that BC1 isn't a free channel right? There was simply a free preview, like a lot of channels do once or twice a year. For Telus or Shaw there is a cost to be able to offer the channel to customers so you won't be getting it free from anywhere.  You'd still be paying for it either way as part of any TV service whether it's from Telus or Shaw.


Corus/Shaw hasn't tried to get BC1 to be considered part of the essential channels because it's only BC specific and the CRTC would have to be petitioned by Corus/Shaw in order to do that. Currently BC1 is classed as a specialty channel by the CRTC so it definitely isn't free. Plus Corus has to pay the wages and other costs to run a business in order to produce BC1 content. They want money from viewers to help pay for it in additional to the ad revenue they are getting from commercials.


What the bleep?  There are two different versions of Essentials??? Is the channel content different or the same? What exactly is the difference?


I think you meant 2 different basic packages. One is Essentials and the other is Lite. The difference is the number of channels and difference in price after the first 6 months of a 2 year term is over.



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Local News isn't "Essential" but multiple Christian religious channels are - I count 5 (Daystar, Hope, Joy, Miracle, Vision) being rammed down our throats. 


Why doesn’t Telus do a much better job informing customers of previews and changes to the guide??


I was on Shaw previously, and they have never "advised" of any previews or guide changes.  At least Telus has a channel to show what previews are currently running and when they expire.  Telus is overall much much better than Shaw will ever be.


Thanks!  And I agree with your statement.  I have been with Shaw on different occasions and it’s a nightmare tbh.