So I had a massive error in judgment and decided that I would switch from a great Shaw account to Telus. 

They didn't show up for the first appointment. The second appointment I was given a time frame of 9-11. The installer showed up at 4pm.


He then advised he isn't able to finish the install.

Fast forward 3 days. Comes back to do install. Everything works for 9-10 hours.


After that the battery that is located in the garage with the Nokia modem the battery goes out. I call the installer


Installer leaves a new battery and a powered cord in front of my door.


Now the new battery doesn't work, i've plugged the cord in directly to power up the internet but phone isn't working.


Time to wait on hold for 30+ minutes again.


If you haven't made the switch DON'T DO IT!






what if i didn't have any technical knowledge? absolutely pathetic job by telus.


Well, obviously you had a reason for the switch, or you wouldn't have judged it reasonable. Every service has similar issues tho, and all products can be faulty. Your batteries maybe have been faulty; this is something Telus should peek into. Install can be iffy at best, emergencies come up, etc. Possibly the installers could courtesy call waiting customers and say they'll be late, a Shaw guy did this for me once, but likely that's asking too much. Cat LOL


I wonder how good Shaw customer service will be considering 25% of their staff opted to take a voluntary severance package?  You switched in the nick of time.


My son, who is setting up a new apartment, is also finding Telus service to be the worst one could ask for. As a current Telus Optic fibre customer, I suggested he start out with Telus for phone, internet and TV. We went on line several weeks ago and opted for a plan that included a "free" 4K TV. He was given a setup date for the following week. First problem came when the first install date had to be cancelled because of a complication with the change to his existing phone number, which he wants to keep. When he and Telus finally sorted out the complication, a new install was given for today (Mar. 14, 2018), and confirmed during the call at least three times. No email confirmation was received.


My son then took a day off work ($500 of self-employed income) and waited until the 2 hour window had expired. He called Telus, and the pleasant but ineffective customer service rep. (pbicsr) looked into the matter and advised him that there was no record for the new installation appointment. When my son pressed further, the pbicsr found a record of the previous phone call, then advised him that "they" (Telus?) didn't have the unit number, didn't know it was an apartment, and that home phone service only could be connected (in fact, both Telus and Shaw pre-hookups are already in the suite). I was ready to blow a gasket! I joined in the conversation and asked the pbicsr to move the call up to his supervisor, which he did. After explaining all of the missteps and screwups on Telus' part, he was told by the pleasant but ineffective customer service rep. supervisor (pbicsrs) that the best she could do would be to arrange a new install date next Monday. This would, in effect, cost my son another $500.00, which, when added to today's loss, would be more than the cost of the new "free" TV.


I'm really sorry I recommended Telus in the first place, and I've suggested that my son tell his new building manager about Telus' poor service for hooking up new accounts in his building. In future, if anyone asks, I'll suggest that they consider all other options before signing up with Telus.



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Hey @rickyd That's definitely disappointing. I know you've had some wait time challenges to have this addressed but might I suggest reaching out to our awesome social media team? They're always on standby and can definitely have this looked into for you. Click on the preferred platform below to speak to a member: