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monthly security plan added without my consent!


I noticed that my last months bill was increased by 33$


Telus, please don't treat your customers like this!   They sent me a 'free camera'.    They told me over and over again it was 'free'.    Now, I find out, Telus has increased my monthly billing by 33$ for 'online security'


I did not consent to this!   I did not want the camera, I don't need it...Telus told me over and over, their is absolute NO ADDITIONAL charges.   Why is Telus doing kind of unethical price gouging?   I don't want to pay for this 'online security'.   And never agreed to they have locked me into some kind of 3 years monthly charges for 33$.   That isn't the same as free!  


Has anyone else had this issue?    Please stop saying something is 'free'.   Then try to sneak in additional charges I didn't consent to.  



Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry about that! I recommend reaching out directly to our SmartHome Security team to have them investigate (there'll be notes on your account). Their direct number is 1-855-255-8828. Alternatively, you can reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook pages so we can verify your account and take a look!