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Fibre Optic installed but not available for a fibre plan


Hi there.


I live in south Calgary alberta and fibre optic was installed in my home over a month ago, I searched up my address on the telus website but no fibre plans are available. Wondering if there is still work to be done or if theres a glitch or something. thank you. 



@ricardk6  Be patient .  The fiber is run in the area. Has to be terminated in a substation where equipment will be installed also all the pedistals  arround the area. The supply chain is terrible these days. You will not get a date from telus when the system is ready to hook up to. Put in a request and see.  Myself range off warrenty 2 parts  (relay) oven won't work. Parts value  less than $25 or new control board $590. Both control and relays 52 week lead time. Parts not  made

Community Power User
Community Power User

My dad had a similar issue when fibre was first run in his neighborhood. I had him fill out the form on Telus' website and he was contacted about getting fibre running before the website was updated to show it was in the area.

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