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Did you mean: and ICMP Packet test failing


Does any one know if there is some sort of configuration on the telus supplied router you need to do to resolve ICMP packets from being filtered out? Previously I had issues with IPV6 dropping after 30 minutes but that was resolved after switching to the new Telus router but one thing that has always been a issue is that the ICMP packets (for this test at least) seem to be getting filtered out.


I think I read that someone had resolved this with some configuration change but they never elaborated.


Anyone know what to do about resolving this?


Just Moved In

I configured my IPv6 firewall on the T3200M so that ICMP Echo request incomming, is allowed, along with the other ICMP settings.  And, outgoing All Other Ports, at the bottom of the port list.  Gives me a 20/20 on IPv6 testICMPfirewallSetting.png