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Wifi Issues - Internet 150 Bonded


I'm currently having serious issues with my WiFi connectivity. The internet connection frequently drops out on my T3200M router with the orange light turning on for five minutes or so before things go back to normal. Even when the internet is working the download speed often drops to 1 Mbps and websites fail to load. 


It's interesting to note that these issues are more likely to occur late at night or whenever I'm using the iPad 3. Most of the devices that I am using on my network are older smartphones or set top boxes from around 2012-2013. My Shaw Internet 300 subscription is still active and whenever I switch to it all the issues are resolved. This makes it unlikely that the problem lies with my device although it may be that the T3200M has problems communicating with the iPad. 


I have tried to troubleshoot the T3200M by disabling smart steering, switching to 2.4 GHz, changing DNS settings, disabling WMM powersave, enabling/disabling MSDU and MPDU aggregation, etc. Furthermore, the T3200M has been rebooted and reset several times as well. Nothing that I have done made a difference in overall wifi performance. Is  DSL copper just too unreliable a service in comparison to cable in 2020? If not, then why are these issues only present with my Telus connection and not on my Shaw connection? 


I really like the deal that Telus has given me and for this reason I would prefer to stick with you guys. But not at the expense of these critical issues. I know that this may seem like a rant but that is not my intention. I hadn't been expecting such issues with Telus and am open to all help on the matter. It would also be helpful to know if anyone else is having similar problems?


Community Power User
Community Power User

If the orange light is frequently lit on the modem, that would be when you want to call Telus tech support and have them check your connection. If the T3200 is losing its connection, they can usually spot it pretty fast. The light being on for 5 minutes could also be a result of the modem rebooting itself as well, which is also not normal.


I'm on bonded DSL myself, with the T3200M and am having zero issues. Something is definitely off with either your modem or the connection itself.

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Thanks for your reply. Will definitely call them.