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WiFi getting progressively worse...

Friendly Neighbour

Switched to Telus Gigabit Fiber about 2 years ago. For a year and a bit, everything was great. Wired ethernet was fast, powerline adapters were fast, WiFi was fast. Now, even right beside the modem, I'm lucky to get 80mbps down and 40mbps up. With the same devices that were getting 700 and 550 a year ago.


The range has always been kind of poor too, so I guess my question is, will a new router fix my issue and can I just plug it into the Nokia box on the wall or does the white Telus hub still need to be used?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you ever restarted your devices lately including the Telus equipment. There are a bunch of varying factors for wifi alone. What speeds do you get hardwired to the router?

Thanks WestCoaster. I did a restart (power on/off) which did nothing. Wired I get 800mbps).

Wired being 800MBps, you can start looking into the wireless network for issues. Are you using your own wireless router or telus supplied one?


I was using the Telus one up until last night. Bridged the old router and used a new Asus one and I'm getting 400mbps at my worst spot in the house now, brilliant!


One question though....I tried bridged mode as well as just running a new and concurrent WiFi network (so now I have 2)....same speed. What's the benefit of bridged mode? Why not just have 2 WiFi sources?