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Wi-Fi Signal Strength Weakening




I have a question about the wi-fi signal from my Telus home internet weakening. I upgraded to Telus 150 home internet last March, and I've noticed that the wi-fi signal isn't as strong as it should be. I should be getting anywhere from 80-100 Mbps, but it's nowhere near that. I know that it's a wi-fi problem, because my laptop is tethered via an ethernet cable to the modem, and it never seems to have signal degradation. I upgraded for a reason, and now we're having issues watching Youtube videos on one tablet when that's the only thing using internet at the time. Streaming anything through Netflix, Disney, or Amazon is almost impossible. If I unplug the modem, and let it sit for a while and the turn it back on, the wi-fi signal strength is back where it should be, but it gradually goes back down to somewhere in between the 3-8 Mbps range over the next few days. So what I'm curious about is, is that normal? Should a one-year-old modem be having that issue? Is it harmful to the equipment to have to unplug and reinitialize the modem that frequently? I talked to the manager at a local Telus outlet, and she said that a one-year-old modem should not be doing that, but she deals primarily with Telus Mobility so she's not 100% sure. According to her, you should only have to unplug the modem once in a blue moon to revive wi-fi strength, but like I said, she's not 100% certain. Anybody have any thoughts? Is my modem defective, or is this normal? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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Certainly that doesn't sound normal. How are you testing the speeds? Instead of rebooting the router have your tried toggling the wi-fi on the device(s) that are experiencing degraded speeds?

Rebooting your equipment will not harm it. If you live in an area with lots of Wi-Fi signals or busy RF signals changing the channel your Wi-Fi broadcasts on can help significantly a quick Google search or a YouTube video will show you how to do this it's very easy. If that doesn't work I would recommend calling telus and getting them to send out a tech to diagnose further.

First test your speed on the laptop or pc that is hardwired to the modem and google speedtest and run test. You should get result 150mbps down and up. If not call Telus tech support to troubleshoot why you are not reaching speeds that you paying for. If you get 150mbps results then is most likely too many ppl on same channel as Matt said try to change that. I don't use Telus modem mine is bridged and I'm running unifi gear iny house where I can eneble network offloading and all is working fine. Also depends where your modem is and where are you when using WiFi? Try to go next to the modem and do speed test and see what you get. When I want to see who's running wifi on what channel if you have android download app called Net analizer a run it then you will see what are the channels what every one is using. Good luck