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When will services be upgraded on Nelthorpe St. on Saanich?

Just Moved In
Currently the best service Telus can offer for internet in our area is DSL 10mb up and 50mb down, which in today's market is well below average. On top of that we are constantly hit with offers to upgrade to fibre, yet there is no fibre infrastructure in our neighbourhood. We are long term Telus users, but it feels like our neighbourhood has been forgotten or ignored. What are your plans to offer internet services that are at least somewhat comparable to your competitors in the Nelthorpe area?

Community Manager
Community Manager

There are a number of factors that come into play in terms of improving and spreading the footprint of the network infrastructure. Things such as cost, the wiring of specific older houses and buildings, etc. While we can't give a definitive timeframe for a specific location here, we recommend filling out the form over at and getting your neighbours to do so as well! When Fibre is available, we'll let you know!