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What type of fiber to run between fiber demarc and wiring hub?

Just Moved In

Can anyone point me to an authoritative specification from Telus on what type of fiber should be installed between the fiber demarcation point and the location of the indoor wiring hub? I realize Telus prefers empty conduit but that might not be possible in my case. 


The Telus technical guides only state that the fiber must be bend-insensitive but don't specify the actual type of fiber (e.g. OS1 or OS2) or what type of connectors must be available.


Thanks in advance if anyone can give me any pointers.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I've reached out to our Fibre team to inquire, and will advise if I get anything back. Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again. Got a response from our Fibre team. They're wondering if you're looking to extend fibre from your demarc to the desired location for your ONT and other TELUS equipment, or what exactly you're trying to accomplish. Specifically, it's an OS2 BIF, SC-APC connector. However this is provided and placed by our Fibre team itself, not the customer.


Any additional info may assist them in getting you a more focused answer. Thanks!