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WIFI issues again and again

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We have restarted our modem 4 times since the technician was in over a week ago. He came in to fix issues and even hard wired a booster with a different address and login. We set everything up on all devices to find either and it worked ok for about a week. 


We have 3 macs (1 laptop), 4 PCs (2 laptops), 4 phones (all iphone) and 3 ipads.


ISSUE: ALL of our devices show that we have WIFI and even says that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED...BUT...Since yesterday...ONLY our apple devices work...and have no issues going to the internet. We can not access CHROME, SAFARI, explorer, Firefox on any of the PCs...I have been trouble shooting but am at a loss. I remember this exact same thing happened a while back (over a year or so) and you reset something via our telephone call as if I remember correctly, you said it was just finding macs...not sure what you did to fix it?


I have tried everything I can think of and even brought the two PC laptops in to work and they work perfectly there so it MUST be a Telus issue.


PLEASE help...give us some solutions or call us back to book a technician again as we have to work from home starting on Monday and NEED INTERNET. We have been trying to get a hold of someone to talk to today but have had no luck at all...and we even sent a text to the technician that was here (as he told us that we could if there were any more issues)



Don’t think you will get Telus agents responding from this forum. No other option than calling them. Take the call back option , it works, rather than holding for an hour. All the best. 1-888-811-2323

Community Power User
Community Power User

Maybe try getting a PC to 'forget' your wireless network and then reconnect?