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Use Telus Wi-Fi Hub as Access Point with my own router

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I want to connect my own router to the Nokia ONT, and then connect the Telus Wi-Fi Hub (the white trash can looking device) to my router and use the Wi-Fi Hub as an Access Point to connect my Wi-Fi devices to the network. I want my router to handle all the address assigning, DHCP, DNS, etc. and have all my wired and wireless devices connected on the same network while avoiding a double NAT scenario. Basically, I want to do this: ONT --> my router --> Telus Wi-Fi Hub. I only have internet through Telus and I do not have TV or phone or alarm or anything else with Telus.


I know I can put the Telus Wi-Fi Hub in bridge mode, but if I understand things correctly, that is for the scenario where I connect a router from the Telus Wi-Fi hub and have the WAN coming in from the Hub and not from my router. (i.e. bridging is for this kind of setup ONT --> Telus Wi-Fi Hub --> my router). The reason I don't want to do this is because I have all my network cables terminating in my garage, so I would rather put my own router there so that I can connect directly to the router using the ethernet ports in my different rooms and then have the Telus Wi-Fi Hub in a more central location.


Is there a way to use the Telus Wi-Fi Hub as an Access Point? Can I disable DHCP and let my own router handle that? Or should I just invest my money into a proper wireless AP and remove the Telus Wi-Fi Hub from the equation all together.


I got things kind of working in a hacky way, but I'm not sure if it is "right". by connecting my router to the ONT, and then connecting my router from LAN1 to the Wi-Fi hub on its LAN1 port instead of the WAN port. I then changed the address pool in the Wi-Fi Hub settings (in Network -> LAN) to a size of 1 (e.g. to, and then filled its address pool by assigning a bogus MAC address to that local IP (in Network -> LAN -> LAN DHCP). I also took the additional step of disabling WAN (in Network -> WAN, then in the "Configure" screen). It seems to work, but there seems to be some subtle problems when using my work PC while connected on Wi-Fi.


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It’s always better to use the tool designed for the job. Spend the few dollars to get a device with the firmware to properly act as an Access Point. You’ll be happier in the long run.


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Yes, this is what I suspected would be the answer... The new router/AP from Telus looks like it could be a capable Wi-Fi router, especially with the range extender that came bundled with it, so I wanted to give it a shot, but the firmware is too crippled to customize it to do what I want.

I have
Took all of 2 mins to set up and it's a mesh system.
And I can access the app from outside my lab.

*lan not lab sorry for any confusion.

If you don't have Telus optik tv then why hamstring your wifi with an ISP modem? They are a mass produced item with horrible radios in them. Go buy a 3rd party product. Way better in the long run.