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Upgrading from 1g to 3g - Issues / rant


I have tried to get this upgrade for 3 weeks now going on 4 and still can't seem to get it.


After approx 9hrs on the phone, multiple calls to the call center and managers we still are no where, 3 last minute canceled appointments, Constant circle of disappointment so far


An appointment gets booked and then last minute it gets canceled apparently due to no equipment available for the install.... Call in re-book and reassured they have the equipment only to cancel and go through the same chain of events 2 times.


Managers suggested I should cancel the upgrade and call back in few months. Once I disagreed to that suggestion they said they would call me back within the day only to not call at all!


How can a service be offered and scheduled if the equipment isn't available, Why waste everyone time and resources



@brdgti I have tried to get this upgrade for 3 weeks now going on 4 and still can't seem to get it.


I feel your pain... Fact of the matter is your dealing with 2 different types of technology. The GPON infrastructure, and now the XGS-PON infrastructure which requires and entirely different splitter to be install to enable suppling the feed. 

I know from prior experience TELUS databases indicating that all the required hardware being in place ready to do the install, however, that not really being the case.


As well I know that TELUS is like everyone else is short of hardware due to global shortages. Rest assured, they want to supply customs with this tier of service. Welcome to the bleeding edge of consumer technology...


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